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selected works

2011 Piece for unaccompanied violin
written for Martha Morrison

2011 tight-rope dancing clowns (for alto saxophone and harp)
Commissioned by Pictures on Silence

2010 Formosa, the Old Train (for solo piano)
"Theme on Yi Lan folk tune, Diu Diu Dang A"
Commissioned by pianist Jenny Lin

2009 Solitary (for bariton, clarinet, cello and piano)
Commissioned by Dr. Andrew Talle
poem by Dr. Hollis Robbins

2009 Frustration Factory (for saxophone quartet)
Commissioned by AM/PM saxophone quartet
I. time is ticking…
II. frustration
III. worn to a frazzle
IV. lullaby
V. startled
VI. call it a day

2008 Surreal Perception (for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano)
written for REDSHIFT ensemble

2008 Song of the Darkness
(for mezzo soprano ,violin, viola, cello and vibraphone)
Commissioned by Dr. Andrew Talle
poem by John Bricuth

2008 ancient memory (for solo tenor trombone)
Commissioned by Summer Trombone Workshop 2008 Taipei, Taiwan

2008 Transmutation (for solo tenor trombone)
Commissioned by Summer Trombone Workshop 2008 Taipei, Taiwan

2008 I am Dancing Blue Flame
(for soprano, tenor saxophone, piano, Max/MSP and video)
Commissioned by soprano Bonnie Lander
Text by H.A. Kares

2007 Lilac . Star . Bird (for solo guitar)
Commissioned by guitarist Tracy Anne Smith

2007 The Blue of the End (for saxophone and organ)
Commissioned by Jazz saxophonist Gary Thomas and organist Donald Sutherland

2007 Black Carrot (for bass clarinet and piano)
Commissioned by clarinetist Stephen Pfleiderer

2007 Collidescope (for dancers and video)
written for "New Work 2007" A Collaborative Showcase

2007 The Sonnets to Orpheus
(for children’s chorus and solo cello)
Commissioned by Doreen Falby, director of the Peabody Children’s Chorus

2006 Red Air (for large orchestra)

2006 Piano Quintet

2005 Cloud Burst (for cello and piano)
Commissioned by Michael Kannen,
head of Peabody’s Chamber music department, and founding member of the Brentano String Quartet.

2005 Haunted by an angel (trio for baritone, violin and guitar)
Text by H.A. Kares

2004 530.623 (trio for clarinet, violin and viola)
written for Noah Weber, Jesse Irons and Gwendolyn Fisher

2004 Three pieces for three percussionists
I. Prelude
II. Rain
III. The Ending

2003 Three pieces for two sopranos and String Quartet
I. Disappointment
II. Dream
III. Stoic Heart
text and Translation by Ching-Ming-Cheng (in Chinese)

2003 Flute Sonata (for flute and piano)

2003 Spanish Rhapsody (for solo piano)

2002 Toccata (for viola and piano)
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